Cockpit Procedure Trainer
Modern cockpits are highly integrated and automated digital workplaces for pilots, with management of aircraft systems and missions being the foreground task. Our Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPTs) are designed to train pilots in the relevant skills required to save time when operating full-flight simulators and the actual aircraft.

Our Solution

The CPT simulation generally focuses on everything that pilots can see, interact with and hear in the cockpit, where:

  • Avionic components like flight management systems, automatic flight control systems, flight display systems and digital maps are reproduced to a high level of detail and fidelity.
  • Original warning and information sounds are played.

The pilot flies the aircraft and interacts with the systems via replicated cockpit panels, sticks, levers and pedals.

Telespazio Germany’s simplified simulation models for flight mechanics and basic aircraft systems produce characteristic and plausible data that are representative of the actual aircraft in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. Therefore, we ensure that negative training is avoided. Users can compose scenarios with different weather situations, as well as other computer-generated entities.

Platforms and Setups

Our CPT solutions feature flexible user interfaces. The same software can run on a variety of hardware environments.

The simplest setup is a pure software solution that can run on any laptop or desktop computer, where interaction with cockpit controls is done via a mouse or touch input. Depending on the user’s training focus, we can complement the setup with dedicated hardware elements, like replicated cockpit panels or flight controls.

Another cost-effective and flexible hardware setup is a cockpit replica based on touchscreens. It allows for spatial orientation and provides a global cockpit overview at a glance. We can also supplement such a touchscreen cockpit with hardware elements to further enhance user interaction.

The most sophisticated setup is a complete hardware replica of the cockpit attached to the simulation.

All setups run the same simulation software, which offers customers the option to operate a mixed setup, such as the desktop version for a classroom and a hardware cockpit replica for crew training.

Additional Features

  • A single- or multi-channel visual system
  • Detached instructor station with full interaction capabilities and fault management
  • Live interactive schematics for aircraft systems
  • Scenario editor
  • Networked multi-player setup, including radio and data, link communication
  • Integration of original hardware, like electronic kneeboards
  • Simulation of different vehicle variants that can be switched during runtime

Examples of Where Our CPT is Used

  • CH-53 GA/GS/GE for the Bundeswehr
  • Airbus AS 532/332 TH98/TH06 for the armasuisse
  • Airbus EC 635/135 for the armasuisse