Cloud & Data Centre Systems

In the past, all organisations used on-premise data centres, which means that they maintained all the IT infrastructure needed for business by themselves. In recent years, there has been a shift to moving data centres to the cloud, i.e., instead of the organisation managing its infrastructure, it leases the infrastructure from an external partner, a third party, and accesses its resources via the Internet or a direct dedicated link. While cloud deployments offer a variety of benefits, some organisations have reasons to keep their data centre on-premises.

It is not necessarily a question of either, though. Migration to the cloud can also be partially realised. A very common case is that of hybrid data centre solutions, which contain a mix of on-premises data centre components and cloud data centre components.

In line with customer requirements and market trends, we provide the following mission-critical cloud and data centre infrastructure:

  • On-Premises Data Centre
  • Cloud Data Centre
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Centre

IT Systems and Infrastructure Engineering

Regarding IT systems, within the ICT infrastructure engineering, Telespazio Germany takes over the responsibility for the designing, testing and implementation of installations of hardware, including computers, network components, data centres and multi-functional devices.

ICT infrastructure engineering ensures that the infrastructure is sufficiently robust, scalable and efficient to deliver the integrated services underlying the physical environment that supports the processes, physical resources and operators required for developing, integrating, operating and sustaining ICT/IT applications and support services.

Our ICT infrastructure engineering portfolio includes:

  • Systems & Network Engineering
  • ICT Business Consultancy
  • ICT Management
  • Security Engineering & Cybersecurity