Space Innovation Consultancy

Already in Space?

You already have experience with space ventures and know the potential of space-related businesses; however, you may only have just begun to realise how complex space-based activities can get!

With 60 years of experience and a unique pedigree in space, Telespazio helps both start-ups and investors understand and avoid the hidden risks, common pitfalls and “make or break” struggles. Our expert consulting services will allow you to upgrade and de-risk your innovative business model so that you can not only survive but also prosper.

Want to Get to Space?

You already know how huge the opportunity is, but you have just realised how hard it is to get started and that, in other words, it is almost rocket science!

With 60 years of experience and a unique track record in space, Telespazio’s expert consulting services provide you with specific domain knowledge so that you can explore and monetise the New Space market, as well as expand your business beyond what you thought possible. We have all the necessary expertise to advise you on what to do and help you save years of technical and financial pain.

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Do you know which company has been in the space business for 60 years?

Do you know who was the one to broadcast live the first human landing on the Moon?

Do you know who was managing the first landing on a comet (Rosetta mission)?

Do you know who has experience in operating rovers on the surface on Mars?

Of course you know... Telespazio!

We have a unique track record in the space sector, successfully growing our business for six decades!

It is time to start growing your space business together!

We talk space and business

Through their consulting services, Telespazio helped us minimise our risk, advising us on `make or buy´ decisions. This was crucial both for our investors and for the further development of our start-up.

 – Anirudh Sharma, CEO Digantara


Telespazio is helping us with a pilot program to verify the quality of our data using their simulator. This is of great help for us as we can validate our value proposition with and for our customers!

 – Ksenia Moskalenko, CEO Mission Space


Thanks to Telespazio, we expanded our understanding of what is possible for the ground segment part of our mission! We benefited from their expert knowledge to make the right decisions and be ready for our first satellite launch.

 – Zhen Ning, CEO NuSpace