How are satellites orbiting in space related to environmental protection? What role do satellites and the Telespazio group play in the fight against climate change and for sustainability?

Sustainability is a crucial cornerstone for the long-term advancement of both humans and the environment. To enable a quicker shift to inclusive and sustainable growth, technical innovation and digitalisation are at the core of Telespazio's strategy. By supporting innovative processes and the ability to attract talent, sustainability has become a critical component in competitiveness.

Space and environmental preservation are considerably more interconnected than we realize. From earth observation to communication, positioning and navigation, there is an intricate connection between space and the environment. These satellites are crucial to the management of climate change emergencies, as well as environmental protection.

“We are investing in our people to contribute to the well-being of each individual, their families and their ecosystem. At the same time, we are also investing in technology that will contribute to the evolution of our society. Technology, which we believe will have a positive impact in the future, will provide sustainability to the markets and society.”

Sigmar Keller, CEO of Telespazio Germany

Telespazio and other European space sector actors have signed a Statement for a Responsible Space Sector to express their commitment of contributing to the long-term sustainability of space projects, and paving the way for the socially and environmentally responsible management of all space sector activities.

The signatories will pursue and strengthen their coordinated efforts in areas of common interest aimed at preserving life, resources, humanity, and society within the framework of the Statement. Working groups on 'Decarbonisation of the space sector,' 'Responsible procurement,' and 'LCA and green technologies for space systems' have been formed and are producing valuable results in this regard. Other critical issues must still be addressed, and the Statement provides a unique framework for fostering cooperation among space sector actors on these challenges.

 *The statement refers to Sustainable Development as defined through ISO 26000. © ESA

Telespazio, as part of the Space Alliance, also supports Leonardo’s Sustainability Plan, which puts the Group's vision into action through projects, initiatives and practices aimed at achieving the UN Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in line with the European Green Deal and Next Generation EU.