Innovation Competitions & Events
At Telespazio we believe in the power of collective innovation – not only from our employees, but from everyone around us. There is a lot of creativity and entrepreneurship everywhere, waiting to be released and properly valued. And we at Telespazio (and Leonardo) want to be a key catalyst for this!

We therefore take part in and promote innovation competitions and events such as:

This competition is open to all Telespazio employees around the globe and Leonardo has also opened it to university students and recent graduates of STEM degrees. Let YOUR ideas be heard!

This is an initiative promoting the Open Innovation concept, creating synergies between the innovation of academia and industry.

This is an international innovation contest initiated by the French Space Agency, supported by ESA and the ESA Business Incubation Centres network. The participants must team up and make use of space technology and data to come up with solutions to real-life problems within 24 hours.