Ground Station Engineering Support

Telespazio Germany provides several types of support in the Ground Station area for its main clients (ESOC and EUMETSAT):

Thanks to its expertise, and the deep and consistent skills retained, our team in the near site engineering support has the capability to help our clients to achieve their goal. In particular, our teams ensure regulated and disciplined operations within the ESTRACK Control Centre, to support the operations engineering of the ground stations in this network. This includes the provision of experts for remote station operations.

Some examples of the activities where our near site Ground Station engineering support team are:

  • Responsibility for RFCT (Radio Frequency Compatibility Tests) between the ESTRACK network and the on-board TT&C sub-system of different missions; such as BepiColombo MPO/MMO, GAIA, Solar Orbiter, ExoMars, Sentinels, Swarm, LISA Pathfinder and SeoSat
  • Support in RF communication design/tests/configurations phases for various ESA missions
  • Control and review the technical activity related to radar and radio communications
  • Provide expertise in the analysis and verification of the overall Radar system design to meet the performance 
  • Participate in all the review phases and the acceptance milestones (PDR, CDR, FAT, SAT, Integration and operation activity validation, etc.) in radar and radiofrequency area
  • Study the signal processing architecture and algorithms to implement radar systems
  • Develop link budgets and cascades for analysing performance expectations for the RF front end
  • Participate in the system engineering processes for managing requirements through the lifecycle of the radar and radiofrequencies system
  • Involvement, as radar expert, with Change Control Boards, Anomaly Review Boards, Qualification Review Board, Acceptance Review Board, etc.
  • Support Operators Analysts and Engineers in operations during anomalies analysis for Ground Station Monitor and Control systems
  • Maintenance of STC2 / GSTS: STation Computer / Ground Station Tailoring System: the ESTRACK Ground Stations current monitor and control system