Part Task Trainers
Part Task Trainers (PTTs) are designed to provide training for a specific sub-area of an aircraft or maintenance system, for isolated tasks or training on specific sets of equipment. They fulfil a need for a special device, or focus, through training in a comprehensive simulator. This is effective when the original environment is uneconomic or it is not possible to have live training.

Our Solutions

Telespazio Germany’s training simulators are based on our in-house developed VEGA Emulation Technology (VET) infrastructure. Our VET supports a strictly modular development that can either: 

  • Develop single simulation modules from scratch and host them in a PTT environment, or
  • Easily extract simulation models from existing complex simulators and re-use them as PTTs.

Our PTT solutions can either be pure software trainers that run on any laptop or desktop PC, or can be integrated with hardware replicas that provide the original look and feel.

While a PTT normally is a stand-alone training device, our PTTs also offer fully customisable interfaces. As a result, they can be connected to other related devices within the training eco-system or integrated into larger simulators.

Examples of Where Our PTTs are Used

  • Boeing 757 Pilot PTT for Deutsche Lufthansa
  • Anti-Aircraft Tank 1 A2 Gepard CBT and PTT 
  • FMS9000 for Airbus (ex. Cassidian) [link to fact sheet]