Spacecraft Operations
Telespazio Germany's spacecraft operations includes: Mission Preparation; LEOP and Commissioning; Routine Operations; Disposal.

Developed through efficient, succinct processes, our adaptable mission operations concept (CONOPS) will help you attain your mission objectives:

  • Develop and validate operational products for effective and efficient daily operations
  • Design and deliver a CONOPS that is in sync with customer needs and timeline
  • Define clear interfaces between all stakeholders
  • Establish key performance requirements and indicators to monitor them
  • Utilise Telespazio Germany’s expertise to train highly qualified operations personnel

During Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and commissioning phase, the operational effort required is greater than the largely automated, day-to-day operations: 

  • To streamline the commissioning of your satellite(s), we allocate additional personnel and ground station support
  • Assessment of the space-to-ground link against tests done on ground
  • A team of experienced engineers, with vast critical mission phase knowledge, acquires and controls the satellite(s) after launch
  • Staged transition towards automated operations

Our day-to-day operations setup ensures that your satellite or constellation runs smoothly, and you receive your data complete and on time:

  • Fully automated daily monitoring, control and reporting
  • Planning software supports the complex trade-off between ground station availability, on board storage capacity and priority downloads
  • Present operations personnel responding to interruptions and anomalies
  • Operated from Telespazio Germany’s control centre, with the flexibility to connect from anywhere in the world
  • Accountability for the punctuality and completeness of the data via KPIs

Telespazio Germany is committed to the sustainability of space and advocates safe disposal of satellites close to their projected end of life.

  • Strategies are in place for atmospheric re-entry or disposal in a graveyard orbit
  • Venting of remaining gases and passivation of hardware and software, guided by engineers with hands-on experience in depletion burns