Payload Operations
With decades of experience in payload planning, operations, and data processing for clients such as ESA, EUMETSAT and DLR, Telespazio is one of the most innovative and trusted companies in payload operations.

Facilitating payload operations for both manned and unmanned missions through a variety of house-developed tools and software suites that enable efficient operations, we provide a comprehensive service.

Our Offering

Planning and Validation

We provide full support for:

  • Development of mission operations implementation concepts
  • Payload planning
  • Procedure development and its validation
  • Automatic testing of experiments using simulators

Operating Software Suites

  • Spacecraft monitoring tools
  • Automated command sequences
  • Operational support tools like console logs, anomaly tracking tools

Operations Execution

  • 24x7 operations teams with decades of experience
  • Round the clock on-call services
  • In-house payload operations
  • Payload performance analysis