Computer-Based Training

Computer-based training (CBT) is the classic method of teaching basic system knowledge. However, conventional CBT can be straining and boring for the trainees, as it only presents large amounts of information at the risk of overwhelming them, and jeopardising their learning.

Telespazio Germany’s years of experience have shown us that trainees can recall information better when the curriculum includes practical exercises on equipment simulation. That is why our CBT solution adds simulation capabilities to conventional CBT, which makes learning much more interesting for the trainees and results in higher training efficiency.

We develop CBTs with our training software infrastructure, developed in-house, which by default offers simulation as a core component. Therefore, the integration of part-task simulation models into the CBT content is seamless. There are predefined interfaces to configure a simulation model from the CBT lesson and to transfer the results of the simulation exercise back to the CBT. Using the same interfaces also allows switching from the CBT content to a fully-fledged simulation and then back to the CBT again.

Additional Features

  • In-house authoring system – independent of commercial (and expiring) tools
  • Integrated content editor – enables customer modification of CBT content 
  • Interfaces to commercial Learning Management Systems (e.g., SCORM)
  • Optionally customised Learning and Classroom Management System

Examples of Where Our CBT is Used

  • Eurofighter Typhoon CBT for UK, GER, ITA, ESP
  • Leopard II CBT for the Swiss Army
  • U212A CBT for the German Navy
  • EC 635/135 CBT Cockpit for the armasuisse
  • TH98/06 CBT Cockpit for the armasuisse