Flight Training Simulators
Telespazio Germany creates high-fidelity simulation modules for our Cockpit Procedure Trainers. The modules have been integrated into the full-flight simulators without any modifications, and satisfy the stringent criteria of Level D certification.

Our Solutions

For integration into flight training simulators, we can equip our simulation modules with any required interface. This can be a standardised interface, such as ARINC 424 with dedicated hardware or via Ethernet, or any other interface that our customers need.

Depending on the customer’s setup, we deliver the simulation modules as pure software solutions for Windows™ or Linux platforms. Additionally, we can deliver the modules pre-integrated into a hardware replica. 

In addition, we complement our deliveries with a graphical test environment that can be used for functional and integration testing.

Example of Where Our Flight Training Simulator is Used

  • TH06 Super Puma Full Mission Simulator 

The Swiss Air Force operates a Level D Full Mission Simulator, “TH06 Super Puma”, manufactured by Thales Services SAS. Telespazio Germany provided the software modules of the Digital Map (DMAP) and Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) for this simulator. Both modules are originally from an earlier training tool delivered to the Swiss Air Force, and we added interfaces to the modules according to Thales’ specifications. The DMAP has been integrated into the instrument panel of the simulator cockpit. The DMAP and EFIS are also used as “repeater displays” in the simulator’s instructor station.