Integration, Validation & Verification

Verification and validation are independent procedures which are used together to determine whether a product, service or system meets requirements and specifications, while fulfilling its purpose.

Validation is the process of checking whether the specification captures the customer's needs, while verification is the process of checking that the software meets the specification.

  • Validation = Am I building the right product?
  • Verification = Am I building the product right?

Dedicated IVV Teams

Telespazio Germany has established dedicated Integration, Validation & Verification (IVV) teams to ensure that software fulfils its intended purpose, meets the expected high level of quality, and satisfies our customers’ operational and system-level requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced on-site staff supports the integration, validation and verification of highly complex systems, such as payload data processing systems and ground systems for a new generation of EUMETSAT missions.

End-to-end IVV Environment and Processes

We support our in-house and commercial agile development teams with an end-to-end IVV environment and processes, building CI/CD pipelines (continuous integration and continuous delivery) that help teams iterate on code and quickly release features. This continuous integration enables the teams to capture and resolve defects early, gives confidence that no regression has occurred, and decreases the lead time of releases significantly.