Today’s deployment conditions for the armed forces are driving the requirements for training and for operations support significantly. In these areas, shorter lead times and reaction times as well as high geographical and time flexibility are necessary.

Equally, the threats against the national security and the security of critical infrastructures and industrial facilities require adapted solutions to protect people and assets.

Simulation & Modelling

Telespazio has delivered several simulation-based military training systems over the past 20 years. We understand the technologies applied, as well as the methodical requirements for military training, specifically for aircraft of different categories. We count on our long lasting and trusting relationships with our clients such as the German Armed Forces, Airbus Helicopters and Swiss Air Force.

Spacecraft Operations

Our service teams of satellite controllers provide 24/7 operations for military communications satellites. We also support ground station operations, controlling the ground-to-space communication infrastructure and antennas.

Information and Communications Technology and Software Solutions

Within the Space Situational Awareness Programme of the German Armed Forces, we delivered hardware and software systems which enable our client to fulfil their mission. This includes the solution architecture, consultancy and training courses on the configuration and the usage of the integrated system and its software.

Drone Detection

Protection from diverse threats caused by unwanted small drones is more important than ever. Through the development of our drone detection system DIDIT, we meet these threats and provide our clients with an effective protection solution. In order to understand the special requirements and challenges in the security domain, we benefit from our experience in the defence market.

Drone Detection
Modelling & Simulation
ICT Solutions