Monitor & Control
Monitor and control is the process of measuring specific data and taking corrective action to assure that a project is on track to meet its goals. While monitoring systems seek to observe and record data about an environment, thus gaining powerful insights into an entire system's status and performance, control systems seek to actively maintain or change the state of a system through the use of actuators, thus having complete control over it.

The scope of Telespazio Germany’s activities includes the definition of an operational concept which covers a set of standard operations activities related to the monitoring and control of both ground and space segments.

Our Solutions

Our monitoring and control solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure that they retain the right level of situational awareness for their business. This entails access to all spacecraft, their subsystems and even external assets details which are relevant for the supervision of the respective mission.

The solutions range from dedicated systems for detailed monitoring of the components of the space system, such as the ground station and spacecraft elements, to complete end-to-end monitoring solutions.