Development, Integration & Maintenance of Operational Systems
The smooth transition from development to integration to operations and maintenance is vital to all mission success – be it in the institutional or the NewSpace sector.

Telespazio Germany provides expertise and decades of experience in the field of ground segment operational systems. We are highly committed to the continuous improvement and evolution of these systems, and the experience we have acquired in the institutional sector benefits not only the large institutional missions, but also start-ups and NewSpace companies. We have accompanied our customers through the development of operational systems, and we understand the history and context of the development, integration and maintenance requirements.

We have extensive knowledge of the operational systems used at European Space Agency (ESA) sites, ESOC and EUMETSAT in particular. There, we have teams of

  • Specialists on site collaborating closely with other on-site ground segment staff
  • Developers in-house supporting them with new or updated systems and smooth phase-in processes.