The aviation domain is in a state of change, driven by requirements to improve safety and capacity, while reducing both negative impact on the environment and costs. New operational concepts are made possible through technological advances, including the use of satellite navigation, new surveillance technologies and information exchanges to facilitate collaborative decision-making.

Network and Clients

Through numerous collaborations in both research and commercial endeavours, Telespazio Germany has a strong network in the Aviation and Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain across all stakeholders, including regulators, supervisory authorities, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports, airlines and industry associations. Our strategic partnerships strengthen our offerings – vertically with external domain experts, horizontally using domain-agnostic technologies and operationally through a pool of resources.

Our activities in the Aviation and ATM Systems and Services domain include:

  • Telespazio is the leading supplier of external Software Engineering Services for DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung.
  • EUROCONTROL, Swedavia and the German Bundeswehr have commissioned the development or audit of bespoke solutions.
  • Fraport, NATS, BAF (German supervisory authority on ATM), the European Space Agency (ESA), Fraunhofer FKIE, IABG, the Dutch Ministry for Security and Justice and the SESAR Joint Undertaking have trusted us in delivering consulting and research services.