In the 40 years since Telespazio’s first contract in the space market, spacecraft have increased their impact on our day-to-day lives up to the point of becoming a fundamental part of societies' critical infrastructure.

With this increased dependency comes the responsibility for the supporting space industry to deliver solutions adapted to these growing needs today and in the years to come. This ranges from improving emergency management and increasing the reliability of satellite navigation to nurturing humankind’s curiosity in exploring the universe.

From Institutional to New Space

We support our partners by developing new ground segment solutions, operational concepts and training techniques.

Our heritage is the institutional space market in Europe, primarily with the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT and national space agencies. During the past decades, Telespazio has supported the complete mission lifecycle, providing solutions in the domain of real-time operations, operations engineering, mission planning and control systems.

Building on our extensive experience in ground systems and operations, we have been collaborating with commercial space ventures since the early days of New Space. Ventures include looking into mega-constellations of small satellites, new reusable sub-orbital and orbital launchers, future commercial space stations, space debris removal solutions, in-orbit manufacturing of satellites and deep-space endeavours, amongst others.