Telespazio UK is the prime contractor on the ESTEC Frame Contract, which has several different domains. The "Training Support to Human Spaceflight and Exploration" domain is entirely outsourced to us Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, with our six staff and two subcontractors, providing the actual services since many years.

Our key services in that domain include the continuous development and maintenance of the software infrastructure, which is the backbone of the training management. We provide Instructional System Design expertise, which includes developing and overseeing the training methodologies applied and ensures the highest quality standards and the evolution towards new training media. Our team provides the general Training Administration support service and we are also supporting the adoption of new training technologies within the EAC environment to support preparing for the future of training.

Our team is at the heart of the Astronaut Training excellence and together with our client enables the training of Astronauts in Europe. These activities started some 20 years ago with our very early involvement in training in the human spaceflight domain and has since allowed Telespazio VEGA Deutschland to develop considerable expertise in that domain, of which the training support is one of several of our key activities at the EAC.

The 'Best in Domain' award was colected by Telespazio UK's Head of Engineering Support, Satellite Systems and Operations, Anna Corlyon, and Telespazio UK's ESTEC Service Manager, Susan Kelly.

Many thanks to our staff and subcontractors for doing a great job and making this happen!

 ESTEC Frame Contract Award