Space Broadband provides a flexible, efficient and cost effective communications solution for government and enterprise users, tailored to different needs. Our core business is to manage both fixed and mobile satellite communications integrating them into a single, secure platform.

FullSAT Broadband

Our FullSat services offer professional stationary and portable satellite communication solutions for corporations and agencies in Europe. FullSat closes the “Digital Divide” and delivers fast IP Broadband anywhere and anytime.

Our services can be used as primary and/or backup link to the internet or intranet. For most cases our standard services can be implemented – if there are special requirements they can be adapted to the needs of the users. Broadband IP via satellite can be used for multiple applications, such as Internet, Intranet, VOIP, VPN, M2M (IoT) and many more.

For large projects we can build and maintain safe and secure closed user groups with high performance at low cost. Guaranteed bandwidth, Service Level agreements and support services are an integral part of our offering and aim at offering ubiquitous services.

Mobile Satellite Services

Our Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) offer professional voice and data services to corporations and agencies worldwide. MSS can be delivered with a variety of hardware possibilities depending on the use and application. Airtime can offered as post- or pre-paid service. Use cases and applications can be (Real-time) Tracking, Monitoring, Fleet management, employee safety, SCADA, M2M, IoT, Telephony where no GSM is available, Emergency, Disaster Recovery, Blackout, Events, Science excursions, maritime or aviation.

Our experts design and build tailored solutions based on clients´ requirements.

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