We are passionate about mission critical systems and services, for space and aerospace clients

Over 110 permanent staff, experts in software solutions, carry out a multitude of fixed price projects, services as well as internal product developments. Our team is organised into competence centres to ideally focus our know-how.

In the large diversity of projects, we cover all or part of the engineering life cycle, including requirements analysis, technology selection, prototyping, specification, implementation, integration, validation, deployment, maintenance and support of application systems and training.

How we work

Our engineering teams apply both classical development as well as agile methods, using state of the art engineering, integration and test and validation technologies. We consider the applied methodology, combining method and technologies, as a key business enabler. Different system demands and different organisations require different ways of engineering a solution.

Our offer to the market

We love servicing a broad range of clients, be it scientific, commercial or military aerospace. They place trust in our quality and excellent staff.

We support our institutional space partners finding their role in the realities of the new space market.

Our classical offering to institutional space clients includes the full lifecycle support of a mission. Commercial clients can make use of this offering!

Phase A

We support design studies for space missions

Pre-operational and operational phase

Our service teams are experts in Data Management Systems, AOC Systems, On-Board Software, Power, Thermal and Payload Instrumentation

Embedded Systems

We design, develop, procure and maintain On-Board Software in coordination with the on-board hardware development and procurement

Ground Station Support

Our service teams of network operations staff during both nominal and critical mission phases


Ground Station Engineering

Our teams ensure regulated and disciplined operations within the ESTRACK Control Centre, to support the operations engineering of the ground stations in this network. This includes the provision of experts for remote station operations.

Simulations Officers

Our Simulation Officers ensure that Flight Control Teams are fully prepared and trained for the Launch & Early Orbit phases, routine operations and critical manoeuvres of a mission

Mission critical network operations

We design and implement Data Communication, Security and Network Solutions

Human spaceflight

We support Columbus and the ISS in the areas of systems engineering, operations engineering, security, integration & test, project management and astronaut training

Our End-to-End/ Operations-as-a-Service ground segment solution enable businesses in the new space market, by providing business value now, for mutual benefit later.

We provide complete training solutions, complementing the offerings of our partners; the manufactures of complex software or hardware.

We drive the development of a European ATM ecosystem, developed in collaboration around Europe, in a timely fashion.

We provide institutional as well as commercial clients with systems and services for automatic detection and tracking of small drones, allowing them to act on the evolving challenges.

Our experience

The international team of engineers, skilled in all aspects of platform engineering, payload and ground segment engineering and mission profiles, provides us with the flexibility and experience to engage with the widest range of clients. Become part of it!

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Systems Engineering
Modelling & Simulation
Drone Detection