Telespazio and Galileo

Telespazio is highly involved in many aspects of Galileo since 2000. Throughout the company, more than 35 people have been contributing to the programme.

In the Software Solutions area, Telespazio is or has been in charge of developing the following system analysis tools and various ground system elements for Galileo, constantly evolving with the system’s needs:

  • The Constellation Simulator (CSIM) for the entire Galileo constellation and the related trainings for the Flight Control Team
  • The hardware-in-the-loop simulator, for which we have been prime contractor
  • The AIVP (Assembly, Integration & Validation Platform) for the Ground Mission Segment
  • Support of the testing and validation of the very first four Galileo satellites during the In-Orbit-Validation-Phase (IOV)
  • The Galileo System Simulation Facility (GSSF), a tool to assess the functional and performance behaviour of the Galileo satellite navigation system also providing multi-constellation analysis capability and raw data generation []
  • Involvement in the Mission Segment Integration and Validation through the Thales Alenia Space team in Ditzingen, Germany.

Since 2007, the company continuously provides expert navigation services to the Navigation Facility at ESOC, contributing to the precise orbit determination of the Galileo satellites.

We are also proud that a large number of our staff is supporting the satellite operations during Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and routine operations.

  • At the Galileo Control Centre in Oberpfaffenhofen, Telespazio formed an important part of the permanent Flight Control Team
  • For those Galileo LEOPs controlled from ESOC, Telespazio provides spacecraft operations and engineering services
  • At the same time, the Telespazio GIMUS Team (Ground Infrastructure Maintenance and User Support) is ready to provide additional support for the Ground Station Software Systems during these LEOPs.

Finally, Telespazio’s permanent ICT Engineering Services Team located at ESOC ensures that the networks and ICT systems are optimised for those Galileo LEOPs supported from Darmstadt.