This November, Space Agencies, industrial companies, employees and family members are all invited to join, or organize, a Space Talk. And we have decided to join the fun!

We are around 350 staff at Telespazio VEGA Deutschland who love space and know how much it benefits the Earth. We want to share our enthusiasm about space with all those who are as excited about it as we are and those who are not involved in our domain.

Thanks to the initiative of the European Space Agency ESA, we will be supporting and organizing a number of Space Talks – many of our staff have registered private talks too! Join one of our events – here is a summary of our supported events:

  • On 7 November, an enthusiastic group of Telespazio VEGA Deutschland colleagues will be giving a fast paced talk at the Wellnitz bar in Darmstadt
    Warp Speed! A lightning talks event
  • On 13 November from 5pm onwards, we are inviting staff, students and friends of the TU Darmstadt to listen and learn about the benefits, fascination and future of space. The special lecture will be held at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and is organized together with the Department of Computer Integrated Design
    Raumfahrt: Nutzen, Faszination, Zukunft
  • Learn how to be an Entrepreneur in Space, presented by the ESA Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt, managed by cesah – of which we are a proud shareholder
    Entrepreneurship in Space
  • Last but not least, our employees’ children will have the chance to learn about the solar system, the stars and the night sky in the DLR School Lab in Darmstadt on the afternoon of 23 November, using the newly installed mini-Planetarium. The mini-Planetarium experience and content were developed by a volunteer group of space enthusiasts in Telespazio VEGA Deutschland. You can register and get more information by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you want to join either of the above events? Register now by following the links to the events or find an event near you!

Win a trip to Kourou Spaceport

Throughout the campaign in November, everybody can participate in the #SpaceSelfie competition and win a trip to Kourou! Winners must be participants of the European Space Talks and live in Europe. Learn more how to participate in the competition on the Space Talks Website.