At an early point in the current Covid-19 crisis, Telespazio Germany GmbH activated its Crisis Management Team to ensure consistent and real-time monitoring of the virus spread and the impact on our business, our employees, and stakeholders.

This cross-functional group is currently meeting on a daily basis with the purpose of reviewing impacts and risks and assessing the suitability of our policies and plans. Also, to coordinate clear messaging on the situation to our workforce, clients, partners, suppliers and all other interested parties.

Business Resilience Status

Telespazio Germany GmbH is currently unaware of any direct impact to our contractual obligations due to COVID-19.
The business continuity plan Telespazio Germany GmbH maintains, covers multiple scenarios, including a disruption to workplace access and unavailability of employees.

Office Location, Business Travel, and Employee Awareness Status

Telespazio Germany GmbH has fully implemented flexible working arrangements. Currently 90 percent of our employees deliver the services and products to our customers remotely.
All business travel has been stopped until constraints imposed by federal and local authorities have been lifted.
Meetings with external parties are exclusively done remotely (via Telecon, Skype or Videocon). The same is true for the majority of our internal meetings and “staying-in-touch” activities amongst our employees.
We provide our staff with information and guidance regarding the Corona crisis. This information is continuously kept up-to-date. Even as we continue to serve our customers in- and outside of Germany, our top priority remains keeping our employees, families and communities as healthy and safe as possible.

Supply Chain Status

At this time, Telespazio Germany GmbH has not identified any material risk to our continued operations due to any supplier disruption. Still, we are monitoring all our supply chains and dependencies very closely.
Critical suppliers and service providers have been contacted and requested to provide details of their respective business continuity measures.
At the current time, we are not aware of any critical paths related to product or service delivery or support that would be affected by the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current state of our COVID-19 contingency plans?
Currently, Telespazio Germany GmbH is not experiencing any business impacts, disruptions, or degradations of services related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Critical workflows and processes are continuously assessed by our leaders – supported by Operations and the business functions - and adjusted as required as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.
As the pandemic continues to unfold, we continuously review our business continuity planning to ensure we have the necessary plans in place.

I want an update on this situation – whom do I contact?
We will update this (blog) with new information whenever it becomes available.
You can also contact our crisis communication coordinator via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is our Business Continuity Plan?
We have increased our bandwidth capacity to ensure that we can accommodate increased remote workloads as the majority of employees are now working from home.
We are leveraging automation for tools and processes wherever possible.