• The company will supply systems for cross-border emergency communication at 25 locations for authorities in Germany, France and Switzerland

Telespazio's Broadband Global Area Network Satellite system will provide backup communication in these areas.

At an early point in the current Covid-19 crisis, Telespazio Germany GmbH activated its Crisis Management Team to ensure consistent and real-time monitoring of the virus spread and the impact on our business, our employees, and stakeholders. To read more about the measures we are undertaking, click here.

Our team based at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, and working under the ESTEC Frame Contract, has been awarded the recognition "Best in Domain" for our Traning Support to Human Spaceflight and Exploration.

Read the interview for detailed information on de-icing and get a perfect example of transferring technical knowledge from space operations to the aviation sector.

Our drone experts about the incidents at Gatwick and Heathrow

Making Space a Commodity for our Children

Congratulations to the Telespazio/Telespazio VEGA Deutschland team for winning with their entry "Ionosphere Prediction Service for GNSS users"

Commercial Space is disrupting the industry – so are we! Meet us in Bremen from 1-5 October to learn more

Galileo Satellite in Orbit | (C) ESA - P. Carril

Four new satellites belonging to Galileo, the European satellite positioning and navigation programme, were successfully launched today from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The launch took place at 9.25 local time (19:36 CET) with an Ariane 5 ES launcher.

Mission Control Room Galileo | CNES/Grimault, Emmanuel, 2011

Within Europe’s own Satellite Navigation System Galileo, industry plays a vital role. So does Telespazio VEGA Deutschland: For the Galileo launch on 25 July, the company has been involved in training the LEOP Flight Control Team at CNES.

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