Machine-to-Machine via Short Burst Data

Iridium SBD, also known as Short Burst Data, is a cost-effective and highly customisable satellite solution designed for the transmission of short burst data messages. It is specifically tailored for individuals and businesses that require real-time tracking and monitoring of their assets located in remote areas. This service is particularly advantageous for those who need to transmit kilobytes of data per terminal, per month at an exceptionally low cost.

Key Features of the SBD Service:

  • The SBD service operates on a packet-based system, utilising an IMEI-based unit, to facilitate frequent short data transmissions. Typical data usage falls within the 0-100KB range per month, per device.
  • Messages are exchanged via either email or IP socket.
  • Enjoy low and consistent global latency of less than 20 seconds, ensuring comprehensive coverage worldwide.

Iridium Global Coverage Map