We are at the forefront of the development and deployment of advanced software technology for space ground segment and aviation applications.

Technologies for Mission Operations and Mission Control

In the space domain, Telespazio is involved in two main initiatives that illustrate the shift towards Service Oriented Architecture-based systems.

The company is leading the European Ground System – Common Core (EGS-CC) which will provide a common infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases. This initiative from the European Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with European National Agencies and European Primes, aims at providing a generic monitoring and control functionality for all space systems including spacecraft, launchers, ground segment systems, and ground support equipment, in all mission phases and for all mission types. EGS-CC relies on popular modern Open Source Software packages such as Apache ServiceMix, Eclipse SDK, Groovy or Hadoop.

Telespazio is also contributing to the second main European initiative in the development of control segment infrastructure, CNES’s Initiative for Space Innovative Standards, which relies heavily on the CCSDS Mission Operations Services Concept.

Technologies for security and mission planning

For the security market, the company is developing drone detection techniques relying on modern machine learning algorithms. The company has also developed the Collaborative Holistic and Informed Reasoning (CHOIR) platform, a technology platform supporting the development of enterprise applications, ideal for example for disaster management and recovery. The company is also a leader in the development of planning systems for space missions based on state-of-the-art technology.

We actively follow evolving technology trends such as micro-services and integrating them in the software production process.

Technologies for Simulation

As a European leader in the spacecraft simulation domain, Telespazio contributed to the development of the ECSS Simulation Model Portability version 2, and is currently helping ESA defining their new generation simulators infrastructure.

Mainly used within our defence training systems, the VEGA Emulation Technology (VET) is the continuously evolving in-house development and runtime infrastructure. Its generic approach drives all our simulation-based training solutions like Cockpit Procedure or Virtual Maintenance Trainers.

Modelling & Simulation
Drone Detection