Telespazio operates a programme of Research and Development to ensure that we are prepared to support the aerospace programmes of tomorrow. A selection of recent study projects is listed below.

Flight Control Team Multi-Agent – Study looking into using multi-agent technology for systems helping the Flight Control Team teams during operations.

Model Based Operations Validation System – Automatic validation of procedures (and operations) at all stage of their developments -reduce cost and time spent on procedure validation.

RIDE2 Study - Enhancing the quality of RAMS analyses and risk assessments in future ESA programs by feeding back findings from operational data collected during the operation of spacecraft in-orbit into RAMS / risk assessments and into engineering (design & test) activities.

METERON Operation Environment – Operation environment for testing (tele)robotics operations, and communication infrastructures.

Telerobotic Services Study – Definition of services for telerobotic operations - Implementation of Selected Interface Services for Telerobotics Systems.

Harmonised Space and Ground Monitoring and Control – Study investigates use of the ECSS Packet Utilisation Standard, CCSDS Mission Operations services, and CCSDS File Delivery Protocol in the context of EGS-CC, by analysis and prototyping.

File Based Operations – Study of file based operations concepts – Demonstrate the feasibility of end-to-end file-based operations based on the use of CFDP, using the RASTA test facility to simulate the spacecraft functionality and SCOS 2000 (S2K) for control system functionality.

DTN Space Data Routers & DTNator – Study investigating using Delay Tolerant Network technology on ground for dissemination of data products. Development of DTN routers for METERON.

Ground Segment Data Systems Plug and Operations - Study considers how interfaces within and between ESA’s ground software systems could evolve to take advantage of more modern approaches to architecture (e.g. SOA) and technology (e.g. ESB, messaging middleware).

Global Security of the Ground Segment Study - design and delivery of a prototype End-to-End Space /Ground TM/TC according to the emerging CCSDS security standard

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