What is Intrapreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a start-up company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire, and the people who do so are called 'entrepreneurs'. It has been defined as "the capacity and willingness to develop, organise, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.”

Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation. Intrapreneurship is known as the practice of a corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches, etc.

Intrapreneurship at Telespazio

Telespazio encourages and supports intrapreneurship within the company. To help the candidate intrapreneurs to develop their ideas into products and services, the company internal Product Policy Office provides support for

  • Market analysis
  • Business plan production including provision of templates and tools
  • Identification and protection of intellectual property
  • Identification of product licensing strategies
  • Securing the investment and resources
  • Product life cycle using Agile Methods


Ever since the creation of the Intrapreneurship programme in 2016, 16 ideas have been submitted and six of the latter have made it through the evaluation process and are now market ready products.