Innovation is an active process that needs to be fostered. Telespazio is actively involved in various networks to encourage entrepreneurship, learn from research and from the market.

cesah - Business Incubation

Telespazio strongly supports start-up companies looking to develop products and services using satellite data. We are one of the two private shareholders of “cesah”, the Centre for Satellite Navigation in Hessen and we are responsible for its day-to-day operational management.

As an Incubation centre, cesah supports technical development, realization and market implementation of new products and services of satellite navigation.

As a partner of the ESA Business Incu​bation Initiative, cesah is the direct contact for innovative incubation ideas in the field of satellite navigation by means of a permanent call for tenders and a standardized selection procedure.​

FabSpace 2.0

FabSpace is an open-innovation network for geodata-based innovation – by leveraging Space data in particular in Universities 2.0; A one-stop shop-access to Space data and a wide range of other data as well as free software and data processing tools to develop new digital applications.

FabSpace Labs are distributed all over Europe with one being in Darmstadt, Germany. Telespazio staff are encouraged to become active in FabSpace and its initiatives and maintain a close link to the network to foster innovation and progress.

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Partnerships with universities and research organisations

Telespazio maintains a number of relations with mainly Germany-based universities and research organisations, be it through joint projects, provision of lectures or regular exchange and visits.

It has become a tradition that once a year, we welcome the students of the Master Class in Space Studies of the International Space University. Their curriculum foresees visits to space-related companies in Europe to give them a better insight into industry and the agencies. Be it satellite operations, astronaut training or our involvement in the cesah Business Incubation Centre, we always make an effort to provide them with an entertaining afternoon. – And in some cases, the visits are mutual, for example resulting in guest speakers from Telespazio giving lectures in Strasbourg.

For five years, we have been supporting the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich in their curriculum of aerospace engineering. We regularly offer a lecture on Astronaut Training in Europe, due to our work at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne. During the class, the bachelor students get a first-hand insight into the systems of the International Space Station, modules and experiments. And we are proud to say that in some cases, we meet again: several students have taken the opportunity to start developing their career by completing an internship at the EAC.

The UniBW Munich is quite innovative, too, when it comes to their curriculum in aerospace engineering: As the first university in Germany, they are offering a dedicated practical class on Spacecraft Operations, using a dedicated simulation software developed by Telespazio, the Satellite Operations Training Centre (STC).

Ever since 2002, Telespazio employee Frank Zimmermann – who is also the Managing Director of cesah – has been an active lecturer at the University of Stuttgart at the Institute for Space Systems (IRS). Being an expert on satellite navigation and working closely with the European Space Agency, the industry as well as with incubatees he is able to transfer knowledge tailored to a young audience.

At the Faculty for aerospace engineering and geodesy, he has been running two regular lectures ever since, sharing his experience with young students on:  “Orbital tethered satellite systems” within the series “unconventional spacecraft propulsion” as well as “Orbital mechanics for space systems”.

The relations that bring the TU Darmstadt and Telespazio together are plenty. Not only, is the TU Darmstadt located in our home town, the institutes have provided a multitude of opportunities for fruitful collaboration in research, as consortium partners or simply in offering interesting topics for master theses. Some examples of our collaboration are the Institute for Telecommunications (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control as well as the Institute of Computer Integrated Design (Department of Mechanical Engineering) and the Institute of Geodesy (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering).


Datenverarbeitung in der Konstruktion



The TU Braunschweig counts on our support in their curriculum. Ever since 2003, Telespazio employee Christian Bodemann has been giving a lecture on the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), a European programme to supply the International Space Station with cargo. The knowledge he can offer is based on our experience in operations as well as astronaut training over the many years of the programme. In addition, the TU Braunschweig is offering their students one of the few classes in hands-on Satellite Operations in Germany, using the Satellite Operations Training Centre (STC) by Telespazio. These good and intense relations with the university have led to a number of master thesis support projects and job opportunities for young graduates.

Collaborations with the TU Braunschweig have grown in many directions, beyond the educational sector: The TU is for example one of our trusted partners in projects that we run for Space Institutions, such as for the German Space Situational Awareness Centre. In one occasion, the TU Braunschweig has become our client for our microgravity services for researchers.

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