Being creative, innovative and developing our technological expertise is one of our main drivers. Our people are the key to develop smart new ideas. They create the solutions and services for the needs of tomorrow.

This is why Leonardo has sponsored an in-house Innovation Award ever since 2004, offering colleagues worldwide, regardless of hierarchy and position, the opportunity to present new ideas and to be recognised for their contribution towards the company’s continuous progress. The Competition is naturally also open to all Telespazio employees around the globe; a competition to which Telespazio staff have contributed to with many smart entries.

Only in the recent years, Leonardo has opened the competition also to university students and recent graduates in the areas of engineering, physics, computer science, mathematics and chemistry.

Once a year all entries are evaluated by a recognised committee comprised of corporate and academic representatives, both on the Telespazio level for space related entries as well as on the Leonardo Group Level where the winners for the best Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation, Best Idea and Best Patent are selected.

We are proud to take part in this international initiative, creating value and evolving together as a company.

Further competitions and initiatives

The Leonardo Innovation Award is not the only competition that our staff are participating in. We regularly promote initiatives to our staff to encourage them to compete in their areas of expertise, for example remote sensing, navigation applications, trajectory optimisation or through technology transfer programmes.

In addition, through our membership in the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), we are proud to be part of inspiring children in elementary schools for aerospace: The BDLI initiative “Zukunftsflieger” ("Pilots of the future") is a competition where school classes create smart aerospace related projects, among them very often children of our employees.

Leonardo Innovation Award
Zukunftsflieger website