Monitoring & Control
Monitoring and control systems are needed at different phases of each mission – from assembly integration and testing through to operations. Being at the forefront of the development and deployment of advanced software technology for the space domain, Telespazio Germany also develops and maintains several Monitor and Control systems used in space operations:


EASE-RISE has been designed specifically for the New Space sector. It is the world’s first end-to-end cloud platform for space operations, allowing for easy, scalable and cost-efficient management of space assets. More information about EASE-RISE


European Ground Systems Common Core (EGS-CC) is a common infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases for all mission types. The initiative is being performed as collaboration between ESA, European National Agencies and European industry, including Telespazio Germany. More information


We maintain the current Ground Station Monitor and Control system used in ESA's tracking station network (ESTRACK), providing STC2 (Station Controller) Maintenance Service through both our ITIL-based software maintenance and evolution services for ESA and through our on-site expert consultants.

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