Managed & Support Services

Managed and support services have been a part of Telespazio Germany’s core business model for more than 30 years. As a consulting, technology and ICT Infrastructure engineering service business, we have built a first-class reputation in high-technology markets, where quality and reliability are essential. Our roots are in the Space market and the experience we have developed there brings benefits to our other industries. 

We have been running IT Engineering Service contracts in environments that make use of the Industry Standards for what concerns IT Security (ISO 27001), IT Operations (ITIL v.4), and Project Management (Prince2, PMI).

By using our Managed and Support Services, our customers benefit from:

  • More focus on their core business
  • Access to IT professionals
  • More available resources
  • Single point of contact
  • Better cost management
  • Increased efficiency

Cyber Security

Common security processes are set up to perform trusted, independent vulnerability assessments, to highlight issues and help remedy and mitigate risk while documenting security vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for resolution, mapping the findings.

Leveraging the expertise of our security engineers and partners, and their experience gained in a highly-secure, ISO27001-based environment, we deliver services such as:

  • Security Assessment of ICT Infrastructure
  • Redesign, implementation and management of ICT Security Enforcement Infrastructure to cope with the Business Requirements, while mitigating threats to the possible, maximum extent
  • Implementation of GDPR-related ICT Infrastructure Security measures

DevOps Approach

We believe that by adopting the DevOps culture with DevOps methodologies and tools, we can better respond to our customers' needs, increase trust in their applications, be more productive, build better products faster and achieve business goals faster.

Key Services

Our key services include:

  • Design and Implementation Automation tools based on different business area requirements
  • Deployment and configuration of a new system on a specific baseline, and by supporting deployment on different operating systems
  • Support the definition of user requirements for the Container service
  • Design of a new Service Solution for Containers (Operating-system-level virtualisation)
  • Containers and Kubernetes deployment for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications

Our Capabilities