We understand the expectations that society has towards us as a business and we are fully committed to our corporate social responsibility. We are inspired by the United Nations’ „Sustainable Development Goals“ (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals), defining global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and beyond.

Below are examples for goals, which are especially important to us.

Gender equality

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. In the traditionally male-dominated space domain, we aim to increase the number of women working in our company, be it in our offices or at client sites, and actively promote equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We believe that advanced software engineering has a vital role to play in addressing the problems, which the world faces. With our highly qualified and committed workforce and our innovative approach, we work at developing and contributing to new technologies:

Working closely together with EUMETSAT, our technologies and staff support the provision and processing of faster and better weather and climate data. These data are becoming more and more crucial for the prediction of natural disasters, emergency management but also for agriculture, forestry and the protection of our environment. Eventually, through our work, we support saving lives and contributing to reducing the hunger in the world.

Through our involvement in Europe’s own global satellite navigation system Galileo, we know how important accurate positioning services are for users on Earth. Our solutions help using Galileo Data, be it through precise orbit predictions, signal coverage availability & validity or test beds for application developers. In addition, we are a shareholder of cesah, the Centre for Satellite Navigation in Hessen. Its main task is to support incubatees to start a business using Satellite Navigation Data.

One example of our contribution to environmental protection is an application for the Aviation industry based on space know-how in developing simulators. Our product AMSEL combines various data sources to simulate and optimise flight routes of airplanes in order to reduce noise pollution.

Our Space Broadband Solutions are addressing our population’s need for the internet everywhere and anytime. Applications that require permanent connectivity are on the rise, such as Machine-to-Machine communication, tracking and monitoring or security. Space Broadband can also help overcome the digital divide by connecting those rural regions that would otherwise be cut form the internet because of insufficient terrestrial or mobile networks.

Reduced inequalities

In the Aerospace industry, we treat everybody the same way and we do not make a difference between countries. As an international company, we search for expert staff all over the world, regardless of nationality, colour or religion. We celebrate the fact that we count more than 27 different nationalities in our company and non-German staff form the majority of our work force.

We are aware though that there are inequalities within the population of a country. This is why we regularly support local charity institutions, such as the Childcare Protection Association or the Food Bank. On numerous occasions, our staff have also collected donations for local charity.

We are also ready to act upon urgent needs of the disadvantaged. During the refugee crisis, Telespazio organised a charity event “Space for Refugees”, which was attended by members of the entire space industry in Darmstadt. The raised money was given to the City of Darmstadt who invested the donation into integration programmes and German language classes.

Responsible consumption and production

We acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment and by reducing our carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality. We are active in a number of areas to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment. A few examples are

Our offices in Darmstadt and in Gilching run on 100% green energy.

Developing highly sophisticated Systems and Software, we have a high demand for equally sophisticated resources in sufficient quantity. Over the past few years, we managed to reduce our energy consumption through the increased use of virtual machines.

Our aim is also to reduce our paper consumption. We achieved our first successes through the digitalisation of internal processes or through the introduction of smart login-printers. It is our target to do even more in this direction. 

We pursue a detailed mobility management programme for our staff, which has been certified by the Chamber of Commerce Darmstadt. While reducing commuting cost for staff, we support solving specific traffic issues in the region and sustainably contributing to the protection of the environment, for example through encouraging staff to cycle to work more often and using public transportation.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

By establishing and promoting a programme of ethics and compliance throughout our entire organisation, we support the goal of effective, transparent and accountable institutions. Our business practices conform to all applicable laws, regulations and best practises, thus ensuring responsible business conduct.