At the core of our capabilities lies a strong understanding of system engineering concepts as well as the processes to engineer a system, supported by the proper tools.

Our offering

The system engineering capabilities includes

  • Technology Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Requirement engineering
  • Process engineering
  • System engineering
  • Detailed design
  • Integration, validation and verification (IVV)
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management

How we work

Our engineering teams works with different methodologies, depending on the specific system being engineered and the process requirements of our customers, from highly linear engineering processes based on the ECSS suite of standards, to agile processes based on scrum, Kanban and extreme programming providing maximal flexibility.

We routinely apply Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) methodologies and formal frameworks such as DODAF and MODAF.

Enterprise Architecture

For new businesses, and for businesses faced with rapidly changing market conditions, enterprise architecture offers a structured way of planning and managing the change, thus reducing the risk of failing the transformation.

The complete business enterprise is seen as a complex system consisting of the organisation, the processes and the systems. Our senior enterprise architects add to the system engineering with our business level capabilities of

  • Business process engineering
  • Organisational engineering
  • Enterprise change management

Through the development of the ESA Architecture Framework and its application in various projects, Telespazio has established itself as one of the leading players in the domain of Enterprise Architecture in the Space industry.

Our expertise in this domain ranges from framework definition and reference architecture development to development of enterprise architectures for projects and programmes across strategic, operational, and technical levels including modelling and analysis. ​

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