The CH-53 is a medium-weight transport helicopter used by the German Armed Forces in several variants. Over the years, the helicopter types of the CH53 series have been regularly modernised and adapted to the current requirements of the German Air Force. This required adapted training and training equipment so that pilots could obtain or retain their qualifications.

The German Bundeswehr relies on simulation-based training tools for this very purpose. Telespazio developed a Cockpit Procedure Trainer (CPT) for the CH-53GA version. It has been in use since 2011 as a cockpit mock-up, based on touchscreen technology and as a mobile version for laptops. The adapted training allows pilots to familiarise themselves with the existing and converted helicopter systems. Interactive schemes and different learning modes allow a deeper understanding and flexible learning.

In May 2017, Telespazio was commissioned to develop a CPT also for the CH-53 GS/GE versions, corresponding to the modernisations of these helicopter types. The modernisations in the cockpit area concern the autopilot, flight management and the communication and display systems. All these changes will be mapped and trained in the new CPT and will build on the existing hardware already in use by the German Air Force for their CH-53GA training.

Thus, our CPT supports all versions and variants of the CH-53 family used by the German Bundeswehr.

We are proud of the long-standing trust and well-established cooperation with Airbus Helicopters and the Bundeswehr. To develop our simulation solutions continuously in order to be in the position to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions is a matter of concern for us.

Case Study CH-53 helicopter - Training Solution