Resilient Communications - Nowadays there is a requirement of implementing very safe IT solutions with high network availability in order to manage business continuity. The requirement to design and build a properly operating IT infrastructure demands highest possible availability of all networks, for most applications.

As a consequence the traditional concept, where you could rely on one single, centralized network provider, has to be put in question by corporations and agencies more and more. High network availability as well as shortest possible recovery times nowadays are possible only under the condition that redundant network connection is operated in combination with an efficient “second (and third) way”.

From the point of view of many experts, an appropriate and efficient „second way“ at economical prices can be ensured only by technically and geographically independent communication via satellite. To ensure high availability network infrastructures in most cases provide redundant routes. Increasing digitization of all business processes and the data flow belonging thereto, forces corporations and agencies to make highest possible network availability a prime focus subject in their risk analysis. Studies prove that the costs for a network outage easily amount up to one million Euro per hour. The size of a company is unimportant as it may affect suppliers, customers or business partners who may also suffer from such damages indirectly.

The development of a concept for planning and implementation may be headed and escorted by our experts, if for an overall IT strategy or for satellite communication only. As a further step Telespazio is offering manpower and expertise for daily network support.

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