We provide stability!

We, the employees of Telespazio Germany GmbH, are part of a history stretching back to the early 1970s. We have grown constantly and our areas of work have expanded beyond the space business to include others such as air traffic control. Today we are an established company with a perspective that reaches as far as the furthest corners of space.

We provide opportunities!

As a leading aerospace company in Germany, we are in a never-ending process of development and are continuously expanding our core competences to include new areas of business. We work flexibly, dynamically, innovatively and with a focus on our clients in order to achieve this. Our change potential offers our employees the freedom to realise their individual, professional goals. As a company, we provide the conditions for responsibility and independence to be lived on a daily basis, promoting the development of entrepreneurial creativity.

We provide perspectives for development!

Our employees, and that means all of us, reinvent Telespazio every day. This happens as the result of the knowledge, experience, creativity and willingness to innovate of each individual.

In Germany we are a team of 400 employees and are made up of women and men, recent university graduates and long-standing, highly specialised professionals with up to 30 years' service under their belts; colleagues who grew up nearby as well as colleagues who have moved from the opposite end of the world especially for us. We represent up to 25 different countries on average.

It's not just us here at Telespazio who are ‘international’ – we represent just one aspect of the Telespazio and Leonardo Groups, both of which are active at a global level, and we cannot forget our clients either. This foundation provides you the opportunity to bring your personality and knowledge to us and develop them purposefully; through a number of different industries, potentially also globally horizontally and/or vertically.

We provide transparency!

We are intimately familiar with the markets we are involved in and are experts in our fields. With regard to human resources, we are specialists and know what we are doing and why we do it.  At the same time, we have stayed curious and inquisitive. We scrutinise our work and continually seek to improve the service we provide to our employees.

We are open!

Neither as people nor as a company are we completely perfect.

We make mistakes and accept responsibility for them. Thanks to our open culture and willingness to communicate at and across all levels, we promote willingness to innovate and optimise. And because we spend a lot of time together as a team, we appreciate a bit of fun and know that shared laughter brings us closer together. 

Join us! We invite you to get in contact with us.

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