We at Telespazio are proud of our wide range of additional support and social security benefits for our employees. We are constantly striving to expand our range, and this can vary slightly depending on the location. To learn more about our offers, please click on the icons below to expand them for further information.

In addition to a financial relocation package, we offer you additional support through our HR business partners. We will be there for you during your entire relocation process and assist you in searching for a suitable accommodation as well as a school or kindergarten for your children and much more.

Relocating to a new city is a big adjustment not only for you, but also for your partner. This is true especially if he/she wishes to work and has not yet found a suitable job nearby.

Our external recruitment consultant will be glad to assist your partner in searching for a new job. In a personal meeting, your partner’s professional situation will be reviewed and depending on individual needs, our service may vary.  In general, our offer includes a review and optimization of the application documents, advice to the state-of-the-art recruitment practices in Germany and tips for better self-promotion in interviews. Moreover, we are well connected with other local companies thanks to our professional network in Darmstadt, the Dual Career NetzWerkDarmstadt, and will gladly forward your résumé to our partners. The résumé will thus reach the relevant contact person in the participating member company.

It is very important to us that you feel at home with us. Keeping this in mind, we organise a half-day introductory event for every new employee to be acquainted with the processes, guidelines, and the respective persons in charge in our company. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for you to meet some of your colleagues: incidentally, everybody is on first-name terms with each other.

During your first few days, you will be invited to a training session that we have organised specially for our new employees. Here, in a pleasant environment, you will learn the necessary skills for facilitating your start in a new job. In addition, you will get to know the other new colleagues from all the departments and branches.

In addition to your annual leave entitlement of 30 days, you also get an additional 2.5 days of working days as paid leave, assuming a five-day working week. These days may be used for bridge days to enjoy long weekends. We also guarantee you paid leave for several occasions that may arise in your personal life. For example, if your child is sick, you will get five days of paid leave to take care of him/her.

Furthermore, we are open towards suggestions for flexible working time models and have already implemented a number of solutions to satisfy individual staff needs, including. career timeouts like sabbaticals. We are working on further ways to increase flexibility in order to be in a position to offer you a greater variety of options to cover your future needs. Feel free to talk to us when the time comes.

Company pension scheme

After six months of your employment with us, we will offer you an employer-financed pension. Our stage model provides increasing employer’s contributions depending on the period of employment. If deferred compensation is desired, there are further attractive offers by our partner Allianz. These also include other special conditions for Allianz products available to you as a private individual and employee of Telespazio.

Net wage optimisation and IT / bicycle leasing

With the net wage optimisation, you can receive your salary via various remuneration components, and thus save on taxes and social insurance contributions and increase your net salary. We also offer IT equipment and bicycle leasing, where the leasing rate for expensive IT equipment or bicycles is deducted from the gross salary instead of net salary, and taxes and social insurance contributions are also reduced accordingly.

Company credit card

Telespazio Germany GmbH offers all its employees a company credit card with a standard limit of EUR 6,000. This allows you to pay all business-related expenses without immediately debiting your private account. Instead, you have about one month until the credit card withdraws the amount from your private account and within this period you should have already been reimbursed by the company.

Employers’ loan

You can take an interest-free loan of up to 2,600 euro from us.

Employee referral programme

We would be glad if you assisted us in recruiting employees. Keeping this in mind, we have started an employee referral programme where you will receive a premium of over 1,500 euro for each successful referral.

Event discounts

Telespazio offers you discounts of up to 60% on event highlights near all our company locations. These offers include show highlights such as “Holiday on Ice”, concerts and much more.

Discounted annual ticket for local public transport

Telespazio offers you a 10% discount on your personal annual ticket in the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund region. With this ticket, you can also take along one adult and any number of children under the age of 15 daily from 7 p.m. onwards and on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Our employees’ health is extremely important to us. We will therefore arrange for your statutory check-ups as well as some additional sessions on health and safety for voluntary participation.

Annual employee development interviews will help you in your professional growth, in finding your next career step in the company and in performing it to the best of your ability.

Further education and training are important aspects of human resource management because it is only thus that we can attain our goal: a long-term and successful working relationship with you. We need you to develop our long-term client relationships further, and your experience here can hardly be replaced. After a project ends, we will actively help you in searching for suitable new projects and support you in your initial training phase. Do you wish to change your focus of work and get to know other clients or relocate? We will assist you in your professional growth here too within the scope of our numerous projects and client in various locations.

We have designed a leadership program for our executives that is specially tailored to the requirements of our company and the industry. In connection with your own specific needs and wishes, we create your individual development plan.

Our in-house service for business related travel will assist you with your business trip planning. You will have a designated contact person who will help you with everything from making reservations and bookings right up to handling the travel expenses. . Business travel insurance will cover any expenses incurred from unexpected travel related incidents as well as emergency medical care. A travel emergency service will be at your disposal even outside the working hours of our travel department.

You will find plenty of information on our intranet pages regarding employment regulations such as annual leave, parental leave and working hours, compiled clearly and in a manner that is easy to understand. We have also listed other external information centres (e.g. tax and insurance consulting and health services). In addition, your HR team will always be glad to provide you with help and advice.

Our love for celebrating together has given rise to several traditions. Every year, we host company parties such as summer BBQs, Christmas parties and even TGIFs [Thank God It's Friday]. We also organise other team-building events and internal department parties, which help to foster team spirit.

Your creative streak will not go unnoticed either: our employees can participate in the annual “Innovation award” of our Leonardo group and present their ideas in front of the global Innovation Award board.

We also reward your creativity in other ways. Amongst other events, we organise yearly photography and art competitions where the winners will be able to display their masterpieces on our office walls.

Of course, if you have other creative ideas for our corporate events or new initiatives, whether artistic or technical, we will be happy to hear them too.

New to Germany and don’t know anybody yet? Don’t worry, our employees stick together. Whether in the break room, one of the cafeterias or at a dart or table soccer match at our Headquarters in the Europahaus, you will always find interesting people to talk to on all kinds of topics imaginable.

Furthermore, we, together with other aerospace companies, offer you access to several different clubs organised by the EUMETSAT or ESOC in Darmstadt. The range of activities is broad: music, literature, cybernetics, sport, food, and much more.

We also participate in various sports activities like the JP Morgan Run, and triathlon and bicycle-riding initiatives. Of course, we’re always open to new ideas too!

Telespazio can grant you up to 3 months for a paid sabbatical. The sabbatical can be used for travelling around the world, extended parental leave, further education, etc. During this period your work relationship with Telespazio remains unchanged. The sabbatical period is split between a saving phase (Ansparphase), phase 1, and the actual sabbatical phase (Freistellungsphase), phase 2.

Telespazio also offers its employees the opportunity to build up a pay balance during the working phase within the framework of a long-term account (Zeitwertkonto). Eventually, this amount can be used for paid leave phases with prior agreement of the supervisor. The employees will remain their employment and the social contributions will continue to be paid for them even during the leave phase.

More than 60% of our employees come from outside Germany. This was reason enough for us to arrange for regular German lessons (A1 to B1), which will help you settle into life in Germany. In Darmstadt, even your family members can make use of this free offer.