Telespazio's corporate culture is defined by our people.

Our employees play a key role in determining our success through their qualifications, motivation, enthusiasm, different cultural backgrounds and their sense of teamwork.

Telespazio has a corporate culture of its own, shaped by its multi-national environment and the interdisciplinary character of its tasks.

Our staff are a mixture of mathematicians, physicists, aerospace engineers, software engineers, training specialists, business experts, and specialists in several more disciplines. Many have worked in other sectors prior to joining us, and they come from all parts of the world. We recently counted 27 different nationalities among our staff complement.

In our experience, such variety in backgrounds creates thought provoking dynamics, stimulates innovation and outside-the-box thinking. It also deepens our understanding of the world’s different cultures, and enriches us as individuals. Openness, honesty and respect are important to us, not only within the company, but in dealings with our clients too.

Having fun is important to us!

People who enjoy what they are doing tend to work more efficiently and achieve better results. Therefore, we do everything we can to create a working environment which allows people to do just that – an environment characterised by a sense of humour, enthusiasm and social responsibility.

Every day, we face new challenges and develop as a result.

Our solutions are a balance between the need for pragmatism and the desire to innovate and perfect. Telespazio strives above all to be the best at what we do. This goal determines the technologies which we use as well as the markets in which we operate, and is particularly apparent in the quality of the solutions and services which we provide for our clients.

We share our clients' enthusiasm for their respective sectors.

This common enthusiasm, combined with an understanding of each other's interests, forms the basis for long-standing relationships.

Whether it is attributed to our multi-cultural environment, our fundamental technical expertise or our fascination with the subject matter, our accomplishments are the measure of our success. As for our daily multi-national work environment; we wouldn’t want it any other way.